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In keeping with the opportunity to open up for everyone and to choose the right hand and hand, Shinny Performance Training Group is looking for top-notch university courses around the world and offers new and professional on-the-job training courses for practitioners in different sectors. In addition, we work with our partners to offer one-stop support services for further studies, further studies, employment, investment, immigration and legal advice to help our guests build their dream life style step by step.

BTEC Civil Engineering

SPT Group is proud to be successfully become Pearson BTEC Approval Center (BTEC Center No.: 92641). SPT Group is committed to assisting those who are interested in the engineering professional / already worked in engineering industry and still need further education. After completion of BTEC programme, students have to present the relevant work experiences to obtain technical qualifications, such as T1 / T2 / T3 technician qualification and RGBC AS / Foundation / GI AS authorized signatory.

Pearson BTEC qualification is the most successful and popular global recognized academic qualification. BTEC programme is mainly focusing on practical training, interpersonal and logical technical training skills. BTEC is based on career orientation. BTEC program is the first step for students to be succeed in their careers, and the BTEC degree is recognized in UK's Ofqual Qualifications Framework.

As is today, there are more than 1.7 million students worldwide enrolled BTEC rpogramme.

Surveyor and Engineer

AS Registered Contractor Strategy Classes

This course is designed for interested sign-inrs.

It focuses on the requirements of building entry, building ordinances, factory and industrial ordinances and construction supervision. The course focuses on reviewing exam questions, examining strategies, comprehensively supplementing engineering knowledge and efficiently To enhance the chances of passing the competition, and to prepare best for the trainees to be authorized signatories to registered contractors.

Register Surveyors and Engineers Consultation Services

The course is conducted in a one-to-one mode. The content is based on case studies, live experience, practical strategies, the essence of teaching test tips, and focuses on explaining. By the industry veteran surveyors and engineers exclusive teaching. Ad hoc expert consultants interview counseling to help in-depth assessment and understanding test licensing opportunities, the first time to meet, the cost free! To ensure that every student successfully completed the exam, easily obtain the best results, the successful acquisition of a qualified professional engineer license!

Property Management

SPT Group understands the need for professional qualifications in property management/club management practitioners; in view of this, we offer specialized accredited post-secondary courses such as BBA, MBA programs and professional training courses for property management/club management practitioners to study and promote to a higher position.


In addition, we are a team of professional instructors composed of professional surveyors and mentors, which fully assists property management and club management practitioners to become professional surveyors or professionals in related industries, with a professional, fast and international recognition concept. After completing the BBA course, the property management/club management practitioners can obtain relevant professional qualifications immediately after completing the BBA course, for example, RICS (FM), RICS (PM), CIOB, BIFM, etc...

Business Management

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Doctor of Business Administration from E-Campus University, an internationally renowned university located at Milan, recognized by the Italian government and accredited by the Italian Education Bureau. The course content includes management, marketing and retail business development, human resource management, property management, education research, and provides research topics in different areas of academic papers, which are practically relevant to the needs of all walks of life. The teaching style is mainly based on online learning. The students can flexibly arrange the appropriate study time according to their own needs. The time is completely free and independent. In order to fully take care of the students who are studying DBA courses online, the College has developed a series of learning support systems to enhance the learning effectiveness.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) / Master's Program (MBA)

Operated by the University of Management Science and Technology, a guided course with remote network teaching, there is no need to go abroad, saving huge amounts of money and valuable time. At the same time, you can take the university degree program certified by the US Department of Education for more than one year to complete your studies. You can get the same BBA / MBA degree certificate as you did in the US school programs. The practical use of the course and the flexible learning style make it ideal for in-service people to study. It truly implements the advantages of Study Smart, experiences the sense of independence of Anytime, Anywhere, Anything.

Introduction of College

The American University of Management Science in Virginia, USA, is a training course focused on modern project management trainees, BBA, MBA and DBA and other professional certificate courses The famous research university. The school to modern professional management theory, combined with different industries need project management practical skills as the teaching focus, the content of the essence of practical, in line with the actual needs of the workplace management, is committed to social and modern enterprises to cultivate increasingly high demand for quality Managerial talent.

Shinny Performance Training Group is a registration center for Hong Kong and China.


Learn English on your computer, smartphone or tablet and get a valuable certificate to prove what you’ve learned.

Journey 2 English is a 100-hour, interactive course for intermediate learners of English. You won’t just learn words and phrases, you’ll understand how the language really works with an integrated dictionary and grammar guide.

Have fun while you learn. Your journey round the UK includes lots of videos, animations and games to play. Track your progress easily and earn badges and trophies. Begin your journey now to master the English language.

"JOURNEY 2 ENGLISH" online English learning course is recognized by the City & Guilds and the Scottish Qualifications Authority SQA. Students who graduate after studying online can receive the certificate of "Completion Certificate Journey 2 English" by City & Guilds. Your english proficiency is equal to ILets 5.5.

Agriculture & Environmental Management

BSc in Agriculture &

BSc in Environmental Management


In recent years, the voice of environmental protection has become more and more loud. How to balance with nature and balance between ecology and living environment is really an art. It is closely related to us in life, and people are increasingly demanding this. In view of this, SPT Group is the first to cooperate with Warnborough College in the United Kingdom to launch a bachelor degree in tree arts and environmental studies.


The courses include sustainable agriculture, hydroponic cultivation, lawn maintenance, tree rehabilitation and natural garden design...... Practical subjects for urban life and environmental protection are included. Detailed information is available for inquiries.

Small Aircraft Driving

Professional Small Aircraft Driving Course


SPT Group is fully developing professional courses related to small aircraft operations, flight driving and helicopter flight driving. 


The Helicopter Training School in Ireland collaborates with SPT Group to perfectly plan the theory and internships into courses that are easy for students to learn and practice.


For more information and details, welcome to read the enquiries.

In addition, SPT Group will have more information to share with you in the near future, so pay close attention for the latest news from SPT Group!






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